Shannon Brooks – Ministry Lead
 Teresa Harris – Co. Ministry Lead
 Join us every Sunday at 9:00am and 11:15am

To promote the welfare of our Young Adults within our congregation and community from the ages of 5-12 with a Christ-Centered support system. Its objective is to also provide spiritual and practical growth as a young adult through the Word of God and activity based functions that graft the ages 5-12 into a greater community!
Our mission is to surround our youth with unconditional love, equip them to develop and grow in their relationship with Christ and provide activities that appeal to youth, ages 5-12 that allows them to fellowship and connect with other youth believers of Christ.

• Regularly scheduled studies, small group session, and game and festivity times (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.),
• Organized trips to points of interest for fun and education
• Encouragement to support in/outreach as a I-Zone Ministry

To build a stronger personal relationship with Christ
To build a stronger relationships and community with other young adults
To help discover and find solutions to tensions living as a young adult in our culture