“Impact Strong Corporate Reentry Program”

Impact Church St. Louis on Wednesday, July 1st announced some of the unique features that will be a part of the Corporate Worship Reentry Program, including health and safety protocols that will impact its membership and visitors, well as service and office operating procedures. Impact Church St Louis Central Operations Office (Administration) will reopen for normal business hours on Tuesday, July 7th as the mandatory reporting date for full time staff. All staff will be required to go through medical testing and screening processes before reentering the office of administration. Full operation, with limited office activities will be allowed on Monday July 13th. Impact Church St. Louis’ Corporate Reentry Day for corporate worship will be Sunday, September 27th. We are fully aware that our reentry program is subject to change pending nation trends and state regulations. The modifications for the 2020 COVID-19 Corporate Reentry Program, which will be documented in Impact’s comprehensive Operations and Protocol Manual will be posted and available on our website and readily available in our Swansea, East St Louis, and Cahokia locations which will include:

Office Rules

  • Prohibitions against MEMBERS or VISITORS without masks or refusal to treat hands with sanitizer/thorough hand washing upon entry will be strictly enforced to prevent health hazards while keeping unnecessary physical contact and support physical distancing between individuals and staff. In this respect, staff and visitors should maintain physical distancing from all parties within the premises whenever possible. Staff or visitors who leave the premises are required to take appropriate sanitation step and mask replacement in order to continue the visit or be subject to immediate removal and disciplinary actions.

Procedures for Health and Safety

  • A written and readily advisable COVID-19 Action Plan will be at all physical sites.
  • Hand Sanitation stations will be available upon entry and near restrooms. (Failure to sanitize upon entry will lead to enforced removal from premises)
  • Mask are required upon entry. If a visitor or member is without a mask, one will be provided by ICSTL. (Failure to wear or receive mask upon entry will lead to enforced removal from premises.)
  • Seating will be limited to 50 persons in phase 1 per service, excluding ministries involved in service edification.
  • Seating will be limited to 75 persons in phase 2 per service, excluding ministries involved in service edification.
  • Seating will be limited to 100 persons in phase 3 per service, excluding ministries involved in service edification.
  • Seating will be completely open without physical distancing in phase 4 per service.
  • Seating arrangements will be distanced until phase 4 has been reached. Any refusal to distance will lead to immediate removal.
  • Spitting is prohibited (expect for outside and 8ft ca. away from another person).
  • Eating within the worship facility is PROHIBITED. Chewing gum and peppermint is permitted.
  • Eating at Central Ops (Administration Office) is prohibited except for staff.
  • Premises will be sanitized before, in between, and after service for the safety of in-person participants.
  • I-Zone will be limited to 10 children per service in phase 1.
  • I-Zone will be limited to 15 children per service in phase 2.
  • I-Zone will be limited to 25 children per service in phase 3.
  • I-Zone will be completely open with no physical distances per service in phase 4.
  • I-Zone must provide expanded learning space in order for child to enter.
  • I-Zone will not provide food of any kind, including snacks. Water will be provided and sanitized for children.
  • I-Zone personnel should practice physical distancing to the extent possible within the limitations of teaching and the fundamentals of engaging children.
  • All rehearsals must follow all safety and health protocols listed above.

*All seating phases are first come, first to be seated. After phase capacity has been reached, in-person services will be closed to the public until next available service or Sunday!


  • Members may schedule meetings with the Pastor, Ministers, Deacons, or Staff Tuesday thru Thursday between 10A-4P for no longer than 50min with health and safety protocols practiced (Mask, Sanitation, and Physical Distancing).
  • Office hours will resume 9A-5P Monday-Friday.
  • Worship Service will resume 9A and 11:15A on Sundays.
  • ICSTL will not rent ANY FACILITY until phase 3 is reached in the reentry program.
  • Small groups must schedule meeting times for Swansea location with no more than 15 physically distant seats with health and safety protocols practiced.
  • No baptism will be scheduled or performed until we have reached phase 4 in the reentry program.
  • Baby blessings will be performed at the benediction of the 11:15A service with physical distancing being enforced.

Revised Procedures for Transactions

  • All staff transactions that had been suspended will resume July 7th with limitations.
  • Financial transactions will resume. Each member must place his/her own card into the swipe device and device shall be sanitized before and after each use.
  • Envelopes shall be placed in baskets, not handed to individuals.
  • Each member is to clean thoroughly behind themselves between and after each service.
  • All procedures will be in accordance with Spiritual Guidance, Common Sense Initiatives, and the rules and regulations of The State of Illinois.

“… Social distancing, wearing face coverings, and capacity limits are just a few of the responsible actions we must all take in order to avoid a second wave of COVID-19 infections. Please utilize this toolkit to its full potential, the posters, checklists, and signage are keys to keeping businesses open and individuals employed.   Ngozi O. Ezike, MD, Director

From the Office of the Governor:

Restore Illinois is about saving lives and livelihoods. This five-phased plan will reopen our state, guided by health metrics and with distinct business, education, and recreation activities characterizing each phase. This is an initial framework that will likely be updated as research and science develop and as the potential for treatments or vaccines is realized. The plan is based upon regional healthcare availability, and it recognizes the distinct impact COVID-19 has had on different regions of our state as well as regional variations in hospital capacity. The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) has 11 Emergency Medical Services Regions that have traditionally guided its statewide public health work and will continue to inform this reopening plan. For the purposes of this plan, from those 11, four health regions are established, each with the ability to independently move through a phased approach: Northeast Illinois; North-Central Illinois; Central Illinois; and Southern Illinois.

The five phases for each health region are as follows:

Phase 1 – Rapid Spread: The rate of infection among those tested and the number of patients admitted to the hospital is high or rapidly increasing. Strict stay at home and social distancing guidelines are put in place and only essential businesses remain open. Every region has experienced this phase once already and could return to it if mitigation efforts are unsuccessful.

Phase 2 – Flattening: The rate of infection among those tested and the number of patients admitted to the hospital beds and ICU beds increases at an even slower rate, moving toward a flat and even a downward trajectory. Nonessential retail stores reopen for curb-side pickup and delivery. Illinoisans are directed to wear a face covering when outside the home and can begin enjoying additional outdoor activities like golf, boating and fishing while practicing social distancing. To varying degrees, every region is experiencing flattening as of early May.

Phase 3 – Recovery: The rate of infection among those surveillance tested, the number of patients admitted to the hospital, and the number of patients needing ICU beds is stable or declining. Manufacturing, offices, retail, barbershops, and salons can reopen to the public with capacity and other limits and safety precautions. Gatherings limited to 10 people or fewer are allowed. Face coverings and social distancing are the norm.

Phase 4 – Revitalization: The rate of infection among those surveillance tested, and the number of patients admitted to the hospital continues to decline. Gatherings of 50 people or fewer are allowed, restaurants and bars reopen, travel resumes, childcare and schools reopen under guidance from the Illinois Department of Public Health. Face coverings and social distancing are the norm.

Phase 5 – Illinois Restored: With a vaccine or highly effective treatment widely available or the elimination of any new cases over a sustained period, the economy fully reopens with safety precautions continuing. Conventions, festivals, and large events are permitted, and all businesses, schools and places of recreation can open with new safety guidance and procedures in place reflecting the lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic.

*Until COVID-19 is defeated, this plan also recognizes that just as health metrics will tell us it is safe to move forward, health metrics may also tell us to return to a prior phase. With a vaccine or highly effective treatment not yet available, IDPH will be closely monitoring key metrics to immediately identify trends in cases and hospitalizations to determine whether a return to a prior phase may become necessary.

As we continue to navigate, continue to pray our success and spirit-led initiatives to keep our congregation safe and sensible. Thank you for your patience and may the Lord lead us to a successful and healthy place in creation.


Ron A. Young