“Impact Strong Corporate Reentry Program”

Impact Church St. Louis is pleased to announce that on Sunday, June 20th we will be back to in-person worship beginning at 8:30am. Although we are excited to gather in person again, there are some guidelines that we must follow: Impact will host 1 worship service over the summer. If service demands are high, we will reevaluate and potentially host 2 worship services as an option during the summer months. However, we are certain that 2 service options will resume September 12th. Our seating capacity will move to a full one service seating, mask is optional for those who are uncomfortable, and there will be no seating distance. Registration will be NECESSARY to attend service FOR EVERYONE so that we can contact trace. Remember, we are still 19 days out, which means we have an even increased chance of safety as numbers decrease. 

Impact Church St Louis Central Operations Office (Administration) will reopen for normal business hours on Monday, September 13, 2021. The modifications for the 2021Corporate Reentry Program, which will be documented in Impact’s comprehensive Operations and Protocol Manual will be posted and available on our website and readily available in our Swansea, East St Louis, and Cahokia locations which will include:

Office Rules

MEMBERS or VISITORS are not required to wear a mask, but they will be available along with hand sanitizer. In this respect, staff and visitors should maintain physical distancing from all parties within the premises whenever possible.

Procedures for Registration, Sanitation & COVID Protocols for Sunday Services

  • Registration will begin on Monday, June 14th at 9am and close on Friday, June 18th at 1pm.
  • On duty, ushers will maintain the protocols for every service.
  • Ushers/Hospitality will Sanitize sanctuary along with the Men’s ministry before and after service.
  • Ushers/Hospitality will have a document of all registered worship attendees and do a temp check before allowing worship attendee to enter.
  • Ushers/Hospitality will also have mask available for those entered who are uncomfortable without one.
  • Each member will sanitize their hands at a sanitizing station before entering the sanctuary.
  • If any member or visitor appears not well the usher/hospitality will turn away attendee.
  • Worship Service dismissal will be by rows.
  • There will be no alter call or hug your neighbor moment.


  • I-Zone must provide expanded learning space in order for a child to enter.
  • I-Zone will continue to have 10am Zoom Room in addition to having an 8:30am I-Zone.
  • I-Zone will practice physical distancing to the extent possible within the limitations of teaching and the fundamentals of engaging children.
  • All rehearsals must follow all safety and health protocols listed above.


  • Members may schedule meetings with the Pastor, Ministers, Deacons, or Staff Tuesday thru Thursday between 10A-4P for no longer than 50min with health and safety protocols practiced (Mask, Sanitation, and Physical Distancing).
  • Office hours will resume 9A-5P Monday-Friday, on Monday, September 13th.
  • Worship Service will resume 9A and 11:15A on Sunday, September 12th.
  • Small groups can schedule meeting times for Swansea location with health and safety protocols practiced.
  • No baptism will be scheduled or performed after Sunday, September 12th.
  • Baby blessings will be scheduled or performed after Sunday, September 12th.

Revised Procedures for Transactions

  • Financial transactions will resume. Each member must place his/her own card into the swipe device and device shall be sanitized before and after each use.
  • Envelopes shall be placed in baskets, not handed to individuals.
  • All procedures will be in accordance with Spiritual Guidance, Common Sense Initiatives, and the rules and regulations of The State of Illinois.



Ron A. Young