Jackie Bonds-Fowler – Ministry Lead
Kris Fields – Co-Lead
Our mission is to embrace and engage our youth with love, knowledge, and wisdom that reflects the Word of God. These attributes will encourage our youth to seek God for themselves and apply his teachings in their daily lives.
To Impact Christ-Centered instruction for youth rooted in the word of God with activity-based functions that cultivate ages 0 -17. Ultimately, their knowledge and wisdom is the Word of God will produce believers and disciples who will impact other youth in our congregation and communities by Imprinting God’s Image.
  • Regularly scheduled studies, small group session, and game and festivity times (weekly, monthly, etc.),
  • Organized trips to points of interest for fun and education
  • Encouragement to support in/outreach as a Youth Ministry


  • To build a stronger personal relationship with Christ
  • To build stronger relationships and to teach other youth in the community about the love of Christ
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